AIF International Symposium 2015: participants focus on need to address talent shortages in FSI

AIF’s International Symposium held at Sasana Kijang on 4th and 5th August, proved to be an insightful, informative and entertaining event. Participants were treated to impactful keynote and plenary sessions during the symposium and learned more about the talent challenges facing financial services organisations and the steps they might take to tackle these issues.
The first keynote presentation given by Professor Herminia Ibarra, Cora Chaired Professor of Leadership and Learning, and Professor of Organizational Behaviour INSEAD, France, entitled ‘Bridging Talent: Act Like A Leader, Think Like A Leader’, provided many thoughtful insights into how to be an effective leader.
At the start of the first day, Y Bhg Tan Sri Azman Hashim, Board Member of AIF, welcomed everyone to Sasana Kijang and highlighted the importance of talent management as an issue for the financial services industry in Malaysia. Dr Raymond Madden, Chief Executive Officer of AIF, Malaysia set the tone for the symposium by outlining the five overarching themes in the Symposium, namely; Business Driven HR, Talent Branding, Bridging Talent Gaps, Professionalism & Ethics and The Future of Work.
Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor , Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, USA shared many enlightening insights about the challenges facing HR today, through to how to ensure successful outcomes to those challenges and even how we can transform HR effectively.

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