MIA Conference 2014

Dr Raymond Madden, CEO of Asian Institute Finance (AIF) was a panel speaker at the MIA Conference 2014 organised by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants recently.

In the panel session entitled ‘Capitalising Diversity – Managing Generation and Gender Gaps in the Workplace’, Dr Madden shared his views on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The session, which was moderated by Dr Jayanthi Naidu Desan, Managing Director of Synergio, also had on the panel Tarran Deane, CEO & Founder of Corporate Cinderella Australia and Lily Cheah, Engagement Leader of Leaderonomics.  The take-back from the session is that organisations need to evolve to be able to attract and encourage diversity; be it women returning to the workforce or creating roles for the physically challenged and minority groups.  One of the options to attract and retain talents offered by Dr Madden was for organisations to consider a matrix for employee segmentation akin to customer segmentation where the needs of employees are addressed according to the individual/category rather than just adopting generic policies. He also shared the work and findings from studies and research produced by AIF in this area.

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L to R: Dr Jayanthi Naidu Desan, MD of Synergio; Dr Raymond Madden, CEO of AIF;  Tarran Deane, CEO & Founder of Corporate Cinderella Australia; and Lily Cheah,  Engagement Leader of Leaderonomics.







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