AIF’s Distinguished Speaker Series “Building a Stronger Organisation through Talent and Culture”

The Asian Institute of Finance recently hosted its Distinguished Speaker Series 2014, showcasing Professor David Ulrich, globally recognised as the ‘Father of Modern Human Resources’.

In his lecture, Professor Ulrich shared his insights on building on organisation’s competitive advantage by focusing on how talent is best cultivated and retained. He also touched on the most importance human resources competencies that need to be developed and how talent can be identified via the following formula; Competence x Commitment x Contribution. This by-invitation only thought leadership event was attended by 400 business leaders and human capital practitioners across the financial services industry. The event concluded with the Q&A session that was centred on talent as the key in building organisation’s success and how companies can develop leaders who enable employees to deliver the results.

Professor Ulrich has been listed in Thinkers 50 as a management thought leader and has been ranked as the No. 1 most influential person in human resources by HR Magazine.
























































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