“Generation Y in the Workplace” , An industry workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia, in collaboration with Lembaga Pengembangan Perbankan Indonesia, August 2014

AIF together with its partner in Indonesia Lembaga Pengembangan Perbankan Indonesia, LPPI recently hosted a workshop for bankers in Jakarta on the challenges in attracting, retaining and developing Generation Y in the financial services industry.

As part of this initiative, AIF’s latest research report on Generation Y (http://bit.ly/AIF-Gen-Y-Report) was also shared with members of the banking industry present.

LLPI’s President Director, Hartadi A. Sarwono was on hand to deliver the welcoming remarks to over 100 senior representatives from the industry. The workshop featured 4 panellist including Dr Raymond Madden, CEO, AIF, the other panellists were Niken Ardiyanti, Consultant and Researcher from Universitas Indonesia, Aminarti Widiati, Senior Vice President of Culture, Bank Mandiri and Alexander Yahya Datuk, Vice Chairman Economics and Finance,  Indonesia Young Entrepreneur’s Association.  The panel was moderated by Dr I. Supomo, Director, LPPI.

While in Indonesia, AIF also participated as a sponsor of the Economist’s South East Asia Summit 2014. This regional conference which was attended by close to 200 senior business leaders, academics and members, discussed the Asian Economic Community, its implementation, implication and the challenges in managing human resources in the future landscape of ASEAN.









































































































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