AIF Microfinance Leadership Programme

The AIF Microfinance Leadership Programme (AMLP), held on 25 – 27 February 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, is the first-of-its-kind in Asia to provide high level management and leadership development to those working in the area of microfinance. Well attended by senior management officials of microfinance-oriented banks and universities from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Malaysia, this 3-day residential programme featured international experts in financial inclusion as the facilitators, namely Dr Carol O’ Connor and Mr Eduardo C. Jimenez. The programme addressed key strategic issues that leaders face when making decisions about microfinance institutions’ growth, sustainability and customer outreach as well as service development. In addition, the facilitators touched on the topic of strategic management of microfinance institutions and capacity building of micro-entrepreneurs. Participants also shared real-life experiences, insights and technical solutions via their presentations which led to a very interesting discussion and debate.


































One thought on “AIF Microfinance Leadership Programme

  1. As a participant, this training program was very useful and insightful for me. Hats off to the Speakers in the Program for their perfect performance. The Program Schedule was very well articulated. Happy to interact with the participants from various countries. Got the opportunity to understand about the issues and challenges in MFIs from various countries’ perspectives. The organising Team from AIF for this program had done a wonderful work especially with regard to stay arrangements. Thank you for organising such a fantastic program. Regards – S. Purushothaman, Manager, CAFRAL, Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai.

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