Professionalisation: Leading Microfinance Organisations

Dr. Raymond Madden CEO spoke at Bank Negara Malaysia and Alliance for Financial Inclusion capacity building programme in Kuala Lumpur today.

The key role played by regulators, NGOs, donor bodies and conventional banks in the execution of the microfinance agenda is key to its success.

Underpinning this is human capital which is recognised as a key enabler in driving the microfinance agenda.  Human capital are expected to subscribe to the philosophy of the industry as well as operate at board level and have the requisite management and leadership skills to run organisations to a high standard of managerial excellence.  The professionalisation of human capital is fast becoming a differentiator in the market place.  AIF has developed a leading edge programme of activities with a strong practitioner focus to build leadership capacity for the industry.


For more information on the presentation slides, kindly refer to the link below:-

Click to access MF%20AIF%20May%202013%20%284%29_AFI%20MADDEN.pdf


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